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Video Analytics

We are a private security company specialized in video analytics, with an innovative intelligent analysis system.

We guarantee the peace of mind of your security system with the most advanced solution for the most demanding perimeter security, reducing the false alarm rate to levels close to 0% and the best level of reliability on the market

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Full integration with intelligent IP detectors protection and peace of mind for what matters most

Video analytics is an intelligent video analysis system that has positioned itself as the best perimeter detection system for maximum requirements for businesses and residences, allowing the immediate detection of intrusion with real-time data collection and sending to the alarm receiving centre, we offer HD quality being a pioneer in the video analysis sector, with a complete integration, combining intelligent IP outdoor detectors.

With this technology we can therefore exclude the traditional false alarms in outdoor installations, which are mainly due to weather conditions, ambient vegetation, sudden changes in lighting or animals.

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Exterior and interior protection for your home or business