Alarms for security

In homes and businesses

All our alarm systems comply with the regulations
UNE-EN 50130, 50131, 50132, 50133, 50136 Y LA NORMA UNE CLC / TS 50398

Alarma permietral · DKJ Seguretat

Alarms that combine the
flexibility and maximum safety

Alarms that combine the flexibility and maximum security of wired systems with the simplicity of a wide range of devices and peripherals for the protection of your business or home. Our security systems incorporate triple communication channels ADSL, IP and GPRS, with permanent connection to a 24-hour alarm reception centre with video verification of intrusion

Because our security is important to us, we adapt our security systems to the needs of each client with personalised projects, with integration in facial recognition services, number plate recognition and home automation.


The mobile phone as a tool for remote control of a business or home

Alarm control via mobile, tablet or pc

Control and monitor your alarm security system anywhere and anytime. At home, on a business trip or on holiday, this application allows you to control and monitor your alarm system locally and remotely, get notifications about events occurring and with integration of home automation applications in your home or business.