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We offer the best solution to protect our customers’ business activities We analyse the needs of each client, whether they are shops, restaurants, establishments, industries and large surfaces We always seek to optimise the resources allocated to surveillance, which is why we first draw up a tailor-made project adapted to your needs.

We are specialists in access control as well as in fire prevention and telecommunications security, so helping you in the daily management of your business is our priority as a private security company. We guarantee the protection of your business with our security systems from 0,59 € per day that will allow you to feel calm and protected in your business.



Our priority is to protect your employees and the production chain, which is why we implement security solutions capable of preventing, protecting and reacting to activities that compromise the integrity of the food supply chain.

We have a wide variety of security systems to suit the specific needs of each establishment.

We design security solutions for logistics companies, adapting to their particularities and needs.

Do you need to control your distribution system while maintaining the protection of all sites and processes? With our video surveillance systems you can monitor and optimise all logistical processes

We guarantee pharmaceutical companies effective protection of their products, facilities and workers.

We have state-of-the-art office video surveillance devices with remote monitoring and 24-hour protection to keep your employees, clients and their belongings safe.

We offer you video surveillance systems so that you can protect both the goods housed and the safety of the people inside the premises.

We guarantee the protection and security of your farms, plots, fields, nurseries and greenhouses Our wide range of security devices will allow you to control livestock or the entry of people to your facility, as well as to monitor your equipment



Alarms that combine the flexibility and maximum security of hardwired systems with the simplicity of a wide range of devices and peripherals to protect your business or home

Ensuring the protection of your business and home is critical to the safety of your employees, business assets and family That is why at DKJ security, a private security company with more than 22 years of experience, we offer all kinds of solutions in terms of video surveillance systems based on any of the existing technologies.

We consider a CCTV system to be the best supporting technology for a good security system It allows us to respond to the needs of our most demanding customers and to monitor different environments and activities.

Sistemas de detección automática de incendios, con soluciones de protección contraincendios que permiten la rápida localización automática del incendio en su fase inicial, con el objetivo de evitar así los posibles daños causados a bienes o personas.

Facial recognition terminals help to recognise the face more quickly and accurately These devices use a learning algorithm to optimise the management of access to work centres, sports facilities, etc.

We offer you video surveillance systems so that you can protect both the goods housed and the safety of the people inside the premises.

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